Neither Rachael Ray nor Rachel Roy is 'Becky with the Good Hair,' but they sent gifts to each other anyway

Beyonce's New Song: 'Who Is Becky with the Good Hair?'
Beyonce's New Song: 'Who Is Becky with the Good Hair?'

You know what they say: Don't knock the hornet's nest, especially when it goes by the name of the Beyhive.

Neither Rachael Ray not Rachael Roy is the mythical "Becky with the Good Hair" that was name dropped in Beyoncé's recently released album, Lemonade, but they still weren't able to avoid the wrath of Beyoncé's rabid fanbase, each of them being cyberbullied by the singer's passionate group of fans.

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So, what do you do when you see another celebrity -- with a name so similar to yours it feels like fate -- being put through the ringer by the same people you are? You send them a gift basket, obvs!

Unlike allies Ray and Roy, according to Us Weekly, apparently sent each other gifts when they were going through the Lemonade drama.

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"Rachel [Roy] sent me flowers and I sent her a bottle, a big bottle of wine and a straw," Ray told the magazine. "[I was going to send Roy] Brunello di Montalcino, where I was married, but I said for our office to ask her office if she drinks red and if she didn't drink red, to send Grande Dame. So I don't know actually which she got. I wrote the card and she got the straw and the booze."

Both R.R.'s were accused of being "Becky with the Good Hair," or who Beyoncé insinuates was the woman that her husband, Jay-Z, allegedly cheated on her with. After the album's release, Roy posted a suspicious Instagram that the Beyhive thought implicated her as "Becky," but some of the fans mistakenly accused Ray as being "Becky" because their names are so similar.

Ray and Roy both experienced incessant attacks from Beyoncé fans in their social media comments. Beyoncé has yet to comment on the situation, and both women have denied being "Becky."

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