Dog sneaks away from home, walks over a mile to get to his buddies

Dog Walks More Than A Mile To Get To Daycare
Dog Walks More Than A Mile To Get To Daycare

Some people know what they want and know how to get it. And in this case, an eager dog wanted to hang out with his friends -- and he made it happen.

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It all started when Tonia Mostellar was driving in the car with her golden retriever, Riley in Belmont, North Carolina, according to WBTV. Along their journey, they passed by a Happy Dog Cafe employee who was taking a group of Riley's daycare buddies for a walk. Riley started to whimper.

Mostellar didn't think much of it as she continued about another mile to her home where she dropped Riley off with her son.

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Less than an hour later she got a call from the Happy Dog Cafe letting her know Riley had shown up at the door.

"He knows the way up here because they walk him all the time, so he just decided to put himself in daycare that day," Teresa McCarter, the owner of the daycare said.

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Riley had apparently figured out a way to escape the backyard and walked more than a mile to get to his friends -- and he ended up getting a free day of fun out of it.

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