Boy who sold lemonade to pay for his own adoption meets Thunder star

Boy Who Sold Lemonade to Pay for His Own Adoption Meets NBA Star

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) - Four years ago, Tristan Jacobson's was abandoned by his biological mother. He has gone through a lot with his past family but was then placed with Donnie and Jimmy Davis.

"He is our world. Everything we do in life is to make sure that he has a future," Donnie told KFOR.

Tristan has always wanted the couple to adopt him, but they couldn't afford the legal fees.

Being a determined 9-year-old boy who wants a permanent family, Tristan did everything he could to help make that dream a reality.

Last month, he opened a lemonade stand to help fund his adoption.

"We downsized everything that we owned. Tristan always wants to help, so he wanted to do the lemonade stand," Donnie said.

Photos of Tristan meeting Kevin Durant in Oklahoma City:

Boy sells lemonade to pay for own adoption, meets Kevin Durant
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Boy who sold lemonade to pay for his own adoption meets Thunder star
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A KFOR viewer saw Tristan's story and then found out his dream was to come to Oklahoma City and see the his favorite NBA player Kevin Durant.

That generous stranger offered to fly the family to Oklahoma City to see a Thunder playoff game.

"My mouth dropped open, and I'm like on the phone talking to him like (mouth wide open), like I couldn't believe it," Donnie said.

"I was really shocked," Tristan said.

Tristan got an up-close encounter with the Thunder players during warm up Sunday night and had a chance to meet his hero as an honorary captain at the game.

The Good Samaritan wants to remain anonymous but, to the Davis family, he's an angel.

"I would never in my life be able to provide this type of an experience to Tristan," Donnie said. "For us to be able to come here as a family and see all of this, it's just amazing."

The experience was just the start of all of Tristan's dreams coming true.

His hard work at the lemonade stand paid off, and he'll be adopted by the Davis' sooner than expected.

"Before, I was hoping we'd be done by December. Now, it looks like we'll be done before school starts," she said.

The family's goal was to raise $5,000 but, between the lemonade stand, yard sales and a crowdfunding site, they've raised $24,000.

The rest of the money raised will go toward Tristan's education.

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