This man's Facebook post perfectly demonstrates the major problem with women's clothing

Boyfriend Tries on Girlfriend's Clothes, Notices Absurd Nature of Sizing

A Pennsylvania man has just learned something that women have been painfully aware of since the dawn of modern civilization -- size labels on ladies' clothing are arbitrary nonsense.

While helping his girlfriend, Nicki, clean out her closet, Benjamin Ashton Cooper noticed something about her clothes that made him angry.

"I noticed that a lot of what she was getting rid of was of the XL size," he said in a Facebook post Thursday evening. "That didn't look right to me, and here's why: They fit me."

Cooper actually tried on some of his girlfriend's garments and noticed that even though they were labeled "extra large," they fit his slim figure pretty well.

"I am not an extra large man, and, more importantly, a woman my size is NOT an extra large woman," Cooper said.

"This bulls**t right here is why we have 8 year olds with eating disorders," he said.

Since Cooper aired his grievances on Facebook, his post was shared over 270,000 times by people who seem to support his message, including his own mom.

In a world where most men are blissfully unaware of how harmfully skewed women's clothing sizes are, it's nice to see one willing to speak out against the issue.

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This man's Facebook post perfectly demonstrates the major problem with women's clothing
Tess Holliday is being hailed as the first woman of her size to be signed by a mainstream modeling agency.
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