This is the largest and most expensive real estate project in the US

Hudson Yards is the largest and most expensive real estate project in the US
Hudson Yards is the largest and most expensive real estate project in the US

The largest private real estate development project in the US is well underway, and many people still don't even know about it.

Called Hudson Yards, the development will take over a massive 17 million square feet consisting of commercial, residential and retail property.

The project blows both the Freedom Tower and Barclay's Center (two of New York's most prominent architectural landmarks in recent years) out of the water size-wise, and is the largest constructional undertaking in the city since the construction of Rockefeller Center in the 1930s.

The 28 acres that the property will live on stretches from Manhattan's Upper West Side to the Midtown West/Hell's Kitchen area.

Oh, and here's another thing—the majority of construction will be built on a highly elevated platform over (still operational) train tracks in order to accommodate for the amount of space needed to complete Hudson Yards.

Take a look at the construction of Hudson Yards as it's been unfolding:

Jim White, who's overseeing the entire platform portion of the project (which is being developed by privately-held Related Companies), explained:

"The height of the buildings was crucial because half of Hudson Yards is open space. We were able to engineer the platform for the design we wanted for the buildings. Despite the challenges, we weren't restricted in what we could build."

A new subway track opened last fall as a part of the project, which offers stops to some of the area's most sought after locations like The High Line and Hudson River Park.

The plan for the next few years of construction also includes a hotel and public school.

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Construction on Hudson Yards began back in 2011. The second phase of construction is estimated to begin in 2017, with the entire project expected to reach completion by the end of 2020.

And of course such a hefty and lofty venture comes with a hefty and lofty price tag—total construction is estimated to cost over $20B.

Jay Cross, president of Related Hudson Yards, told Yahoo:

"We use just about every kind of financing, just because the volume of dollars is so great that you have to go after every source."

Cross and the rest of Related have high hopes that their project is only the beginning for urban dwellers across the rest of the country:

"[Big cities are] where you get upward mobility. That's where the jobs are that can enhance the quality of life... We hope to pioneer things here in Hudson Yards which we can do on scale and then roll them out in lots of other cities."

We're excited to see the progress of the Hudson Yards as it continues to develop into the second half of this year and beyond.

Take a look at these amazing architectural landmarks in Manhattan:

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