Texas high school's 'Senior Walk' motivates students to reach for the stars

High School's Inspiring Tradition Goes Viral
High School's Inspiring Tradition Goes Viral

A high school in Texas started a new tradition this week to motivate younger students to reach for the stars.

Seniors at Van High School walked the halls of elementary and middle schools in their district decked out in their graduation gowns as part of their first-ever "Senior Walk," according to Huffington Post.

The heartwarming event aimed to encourage grade schoolers to excel academically and prepare for the future.

"We want them to dream big — not just of graduation but also college," high school principal Jeff Hutchins told The Huffington Post. "This is one piece of that puzzle. It promotes our central theme — that after high school comes college."

While the seniors may have enjoyed passing out high-fives to the young kids, it was also a bittersweet trip down memory lane for some.

"They got to walk the hallways where they started their schooling and education," he explained. "I think it really touched them emotionally to see some of their former teachers and also it gave them an opportunity to reflect on their 13 years of education at Van."

See images from the walk:

Photos of the walk have gone viral on social media and the school plans to keep doing the inspirational event each year.

"When they saw those big eyes and smiles and the cheers, you could see the glow in our seniors' eyes," Hutchins said. "It was really really special."