Mom makes big mistake while packing her daughter's school lunch

Ways to Spice Up the School Lunch
Ways to Spice Up the School Lunch

If you were one of the kids who brought a bagged lunch to school, you know the tell-tale signs that mom packed it. It was probably well-balanced, filled with snacks and maybe even came with a cutesy note tucked in.

That was nothing like the lunch that 17-year-old Mckenzie Strange's mom packed for her this week -- and Mckenzie came to realize that once she made her way to the cafeteria for her midday meal.

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Instead of packing her usual canned iced tea to go along with her lunch, McKenzie's mom threw in a 4Loko, a popular alcoholic drink.

McKenzie confronted her mom about the hilarious mix-up, texting her to see if her mom was aware she was playing lunchtime roulette.

The student decided to screenshot and upload her mother's clueless reaction, and in the matter of a day, she found herself internet-famous after the tweet accumulated almost 250,000 likes.

According to Buzzfeed, "I texted my mom about it and she couldn't believe the mistake she made; she was half asleep when packing my lunch and thought it was a Peace Tea."

After the epic switcheroo, she said her mom has vowed to "get a cup of coffee before [she tries] and pack lunches from now on."

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