Mom discovers adopted daughter's sister on Facebook, needs your help to bring her home

Mom Wants To Adopt Daughter's Twin Sister In China After Finding Her on Facebook

Lisa Lumpkins found herself in a made-for-TV situation recently when she stumbled upon a photo of a child on Facebook who looked strikingly similar to her adopted daughter, Aubrey.

The photo in question was posted by a friend who was visiting the same Chinese orphanage from where Aubrey was adopted, leaving Lisa suspicious that her 13-year-old may have had a sibling whom they weren't made aware of.

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Acting on her motherly instincts, Lisa contacted the orphanage, asking them to collect a DNA sample to see if the two girls were, in fact, related.

The result? 100% a match.

Immediately, the already large family of eight shifted their attention to bringing Aubrey's sister Avery home, hoping to reunite her with her long-lost sister. Aubrey claims that while she does recognize the girl from the photo, no one from the orphanage ever told her that they were related in any way.

The orphanage also told the Lumpkins that Avery, along with their daughter Aubrey, has Cerebral Palsy, making her the fifth disabled Chinese child the family sought to officially adopt.

Lisa and her husband, both of whom had never flown before trekking across the world to meet their children for the first time, are now asking others to help them bring Avery home before it's too late.

According to Chinese government, once a child reaches 14 years of age, they are released from the system, where "they are no longer adoptable and cannot leave the country." Avery's 14th birthday, along with Aubrey's, is in August of this year.

The family created a GoFundMe page where people can donate to the Lumpkins' $35,000 goal, or the amount it will cost them to bring Avery home.

"All I could do it [sic] pray and say, 'God if it's your will, then you'll make a way, you'll help us," Lisa told Inside Edition.

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Mom discovers adopted daughter's sister on Facebook, needs your help to bring her home

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