Man posts photo that perfectly illustrates the great toothpaste debate

Is Cheap Toothpaste Just as Good?
Is Cheap Toothpaste Just as Good?

We've all been there, whether it's with a family member or significant other, there's no escaping the inevitable toothpaste dispute.

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One Reddit user decided to showcase his struggle with his wife -- and other male Redditors instantly came to his support, many sharing their own toothpaste horror stories.

%shareLinks-quote="Mine too and for a while I did the same. BUT, every day of spending 10-15 seconds cleaning the cap and re-straitening the tube without her ever even noticing eventually wore me down after 6 or 7 years. I started to dread the sight of the tube." type="quote" author="Brewski32 " authordesc="Reddit user" isquoteoftheday="false"%

So let's break it down. There are some people who squeeze from any part of the tube and let the top crust over like they just don't care (note, this eventually makes it impossible to unscrew the top). Maybe they don't care and it doesn't bother them, or maybe they're just really busy and in the big scheme of life this is really small beans.

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Then there are those who meticulously squeeze from the bottom up, not wasting any precious drop of toothpaste and leaving no residue behind -- keeping it clean and simple. For this group, this small act of cleanliness is so simple and logical, they can't fathom why someone wouldn't take a millisecond to do it the right way.

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It's worth mentioning there are the rare few who are kind of a hybrid. They may squeeze from the middle and then usher everything to the top as needed, or let the cap get a little crusty, but clean it up when it gets to a sticking point.

So where do you stand?

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