Donald Trump was very wrong about Stephen Strasburg

Stephen Strasburg Signs Seven-year, $175 Million Contract Extension
Stephen Strasburg Signs Seven-year, $175 Million Contract Extension

Back in 2012, the Washington Nationals made an extremely controversial decision to shut down sensational starting pitcher Stephen Strasburg in September because they were concerned about his future health. They didn't let him pitch in the playoffs and that might or might not have played a role in the Nationals losing to the St. Louis Cardinals in five games in the National League Divisional Series. A lot of people unleashed some hot takes, but perhaps none of them were hotter than the take doled out by Donald Trump.

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To be fair to Trump, a lot of people were blasting the Nationals for giving up a potential World Series run so that they could maybe go on some more in the future. It turns out that perhaps it was the best decision for the future as Strasburg has, when healthy, lived up to every ounce of the hype that he generated. He has a career ERA of 3.07 and has struck out 959 batters in 825.2 innings pitched. Strasburg recently signed the largest deal ever signed by someone who had Tommy John Surgery.

Trump enjoys dishing out commentary about sports, even if some of his opinions are silly, asinine, or just plain wrong. But hey, at least he's not Skip Bayless.

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