Danielle Bernstein on the one festival trend you have to try


Danielle Bernstein is a fashion force of nature. Between her incredible it girl style that mixes feminine pieces with boyish accessories, her street style looks that nab top marks on best-dressed lists, and her four years of insider knowledge into the fashion blogging industry, she's one of the foremost influencers in her field. So when it comes to figuring out which fashion trends work and which ones don't, who better to ask than Bernstein herself?

We recently sat down with Danielle Bernstein, the creative genius behind the viral blog and Instagram account We Wore What, about the best festival trend at Coachella (hint: you can find it here) and the spring trend she's dying to try.

Above, watch the full video to see her expert insight into all things fashion!

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For more fashion at Coachella, scroll through the gallery below:

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