Amazing 360-degree video gives you a terrifying look at a giant tornado

Powerful tornadoes touch down in Wray, Colorado
Powerful tornadoes touch down in Wray, Colorado

The giant tornado that rolled past the city of Wray, Colorado provided some stunning video and gave one teen couple a memorable prom photo. But now it's yielded one more gift: a mesmerizing, 360-degree view of the storm as it crosses a highway.

The video — be sure to spin the view to see the storm — gives you a fuller idea of what it's like to be this close to a large tornado. Not only can the viewer swivel around to see just how large the storm that spun the twister is, the video scans up to give you a look at the full length of the twister, right up to where it drops from the sky.

This is a rare look at the full, immense power nature churns up every year across the United States, and it's worth taking the video for a spin — literally.

See photos of aftermath from the tornado:

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