Zooey Deschanel Talks About How 'New Girl' Execs Had to Hide the Kardashians From Prince

Zooey Deschanel Comments on Post Pregnancy Body
Zooey Deschanel Comments on Post Pregnancy Body

Princedid not like the Kardashians. Who can forget the legendary time he booted Kim K. off his stage when she wouldn't dance during a concert. But that wasn't the only time the late pop icon clashed with the Kardashian clan.

According to Zooey Deschanel, when Prince made his memorable cameo on a season 3 episode of New Girl he was scheduled to appear in a scene with a variety of other celebrities. "He spent a lifetime cultivating mystique, and then one September day three years ago maybe I got an email from his manager saying he liked watching the show and wanted to come on," Deschanel explained to Conan O'Brien on Monday night's Conan (May 9).

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But, when Prince -- who died at age 57 on April 21 -- found out that some celebs were booked to appear at his TV party who he didn't think would actually be welcome at one of his real late-night throwdowns, things got super weird. "Someone was friends with some of the Kardashians and had made a phone call and they had kindly come on to shoot a kind of cameo part," Deschanel said.

As she was studying her lines that day, though, a production assistant ran in and demanded all the scripts and call sheets with the names of the episode's participants, which the PA then tossed on a giant bonfire in the parking lot to destroy any evidence of the Kameos.

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"It turns out that someone from Prince's camp said 'Who are the celebrities? I hope it's not a Kardashian,'" she said.

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