You already own the only Apple headphone case you'll ever need

How To Spot A Counterfeit iPhone
How To Spot A Counterfeit iPhone

With every new iPhone comes a pair of headphones, neatly packaged in a white Apple-branded box that you end up throwing away or storing somewhere forgettable. Then, you put your headphones in your bag or pockets, and they turn into a knot that seems impossible to untangle, every damn time.

Of course, you could take an origami course and learn to fold your headphones back into that beautiful little case when you're done with them. But who has time for that?

There's an easier and more efficient way to deal with this though. I'll take you through it step by step:

You'll find that the case stays shut once you close it up, and it will always keep your headphones neatly organized. Free, easy and beautiful.