'The New York Times' issues unfortunately hilarious editing correction

Celebs Share Their BIGGEST Social Media Fails!
Celebs Share Their BIGGEST Social Media Fails!

Sometimes, mistakes happen.

The New York Times issued a correction to a story on Monday that can't be described as anything less than unfortunately hilarious.

The story, titled "Muslim Leaders Wage Theological Battle, Stoking ISIS' Anger," accidentally stated that Washington Muslim leader Suhaib Webb's Snapchat handle was Pimpin4Paradise786. His real handle is the much more professional imamsuhaibwebb.

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It appears as if the correction was first issued on Monday and later amended on Tuesday.

New York Times

Now, while this may seem like a totally odd error for The Times to make, it appears as if they lifted the handle from a video Quartz released earlier this year, where Webb jokingly says that his handle is Pimpin4Paradise786.

Unfortunately, no one has the handle Pimpin4Paradise786 on Snapchat, (trust us, we tried to scoop it up ourselves) because it appears to be too long.

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