Skydivers play insane game of Quidditch in mid-air

Skydivers Channel Inner Harry Potter, Play 'Quidditch' In Mid-Air
Skydivers Channel Inner Harry Potter, Play 'Quidditch' In Mid-Air

Quidditch, the most popular game in the wizarding world of "Harry Potter," has really taken off since the world was first introduced to the sport.

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College athletes across the globe have been playing the game for a little more than a decade now, but they haven't been able to do one thing -- fly across the sky on broomsticks like Harry and his pals.

Well, a Colombian telecommunications company recruited a group of skydivers to take the sport to new heights in their latest ad -- literally.

The mind-blowing ad showed the daredevils facing off in an ultimate real life match thousands of feet above the ground.

Harry Potter fans rejoice your wishes have been granted!

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