Selfie snapper destroys beloved 126-year-old statue in Portugal

Selfie Snapper Destroys Beloved 126-Year-Old Statue In Portugal
Selfie Snapper Destroys Beloved 126-Year-Old Statue In Portugal

Not all good photo opportunities are good ideas, and a young selfie-taker is one giant step closer to understanding the difference.

The 24-year-old tourist inadvertently destroyed a much beloved, 126-year-old statue in Lisbon, Portugal and will soon be appearing before a judge, reports Vanity Fair.

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In the late hours of May 3, the man climbed onto the pedestal holding the stone likeness of King Sebastian I, a 16th century ruler highly regarded for his positive outlook and fortitude.

The statue fell and smashed into little bits that cannot be put back together.

The individual fled but, area authorities located him not long after, according to Yahoo News.

He is being put on trial for destroying public property.

Though there is no official charge for destroying the public's spirit, he is potentially guilty of that as well.

King Sebastian is a symbol of great inspiration in Portugal, being held at a level of esteem similar to that of King Arthur in the UK, notes the Inquisitr.

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