'McLovin' gets into Twitter scuffle with NY Knicks beat writer

Report: Knicks Talk To Vogel
Report: Knicks Talk To Vogel

These are dark days for the New York Knicks and their fans, with the franchise's direction completely up in the air as president Phil Jackson roams middle America in the midst of what should be a head coaching search.

The despair of recent seasons has hit everybody hard -- player, fans, reporters and even celebrities. This includes Christopher Mintz-Plasse, who on Monday got himself into a little Twitter tussle with New York Daily News reporter Frank Isola.

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The social media fracas was instigated when Isola, for some reason, replied to a April 12 tweet from Mintz-Plasse, comparing him to rival New York Post beat reporter Marc Berman.

It wasn't long before the actor fired back.

Isola then ribbed Mintz-Plasse for his role in "Pitch Perfect."

Which set up the ultimate burn...

After the dust settled, Mintz-Plasse clarified that he isn't even a Knicks fan -- in fact, the California native roots for New York's division rival, the Boston Celtics. But his tough talk was in defense of a Knicks fan friend.

Certainly a strange and unexpected development -- or, as it's known in Knicks world, par for the course.

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