Grandma's stunning makeover takes internet by storm

This 80-Year-Old Gives New Meaning To 'Contouring Goals'
This 80-Year-Old Gives New Meaning To 'Contouring Goals'

A grandmother in Croatia is taking the internet by storm with her incredible transformation from simple grandma to simply stunning.

Her 32-year-old granddaughter, Tea Flego, is a makeup artist in Pula, Croatia, and her master beauty skills are getting her grandmother a lot of attention.

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Livia, who's 80 years old and lives in a nursing home, has become an internet sensation, and it's not hard to figure out why -- just look at her before and after photos:

"Glam-ma," as her granddaughter affectionately calls her, loves being a part of Flego's projects, according to TODAY.

It usually takes about 45 minutes to fully complete her transformation and, "Every time she looks at herself after makeup she says, 'Holy crap!'" Flego told TODAY.

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And she's become a bit of a celebrity too.

"She's become a mascot in the nursing home β€” her friends call her a star," Flego said.

See more photos of the glamorous grandma:

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