Cat snuggles up between two dogs, proves nap time is the ultimate unifier

Watch these dogs and cat snuggle up for their nap
Watch these dogs and cat snuggle up for their nap

Whoever said three's a crowd has obviously never laid eyes on the power trio that is Kiko, Watson and Harry.

The unlikely bunch have proven that nap time is the ultimate unifier, as evidenced by their joint daily snoozes.

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The golden retrievers, Kiko and Watson, have no problem sharing their personal space with Harry the cat, who was the newest addition to the family.

According to The Dodo, their owner Jennifer said, "At first, Harry wasn't really into cuddling and hanging out with his dog siblings."

"Watson is the king of snuggles. His temperament is so calm he got Harry to love it too," she said. "They all get along very well and show pure love for each other."

Check out more pictures of the furry crew below.

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