Bryce Harper gave a homeless woman jar of money

Harper, Strasburg Hitting Their Stride Together
Harper, Strasburg Hitting Their Stride Together

From May 5 to May 8, the Washington Nationals played the Chicago Cubs. During the Cubs' four game sweep of the Nationals, outfielder Bryce Harper was walked an unheard of 13 times (including six times on Sunday) during the four game series. While Harper didn't have the weekend that he desired at the plate, he made sure that at least one person could be happy when he gave a huge jar of money to a homeless woman before leaving Chicago.

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Harper is a rare baseball player. He could go down as the greatest left-handed hitter since Barry Bonds. Harper might even go down as better than Bonds when it's all said and done. What's important is that Harper appears to be as great of a person off the field as he is on the field. Considering Harper has already won an NL MVP and is the likely favorite to win it again this season, that's saying something.

He talks about wanting to "make baseball great again". It's apparent that he's applying that philosophy to life in general. Harper's taking a hands-on approach to it as well. Athletes should not be championed because so many of them fail to be the role models that fans expect them to be. Harper could be the exception to that rule. We could all learn something from him — be the change that you want to see.

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