Budget Better: 9 things you should never buy at the dollar store

We brought you the best items to get at the dollar store, but these are common Dollar Tree purchases we think you're better off skipping.

Although they may be only $1 a pop, you may be throwing money down the drain by investing in these low grade items. You can sometimes risk substandard quality, missing components and smaller packaging.

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It's best to err on the side of caution for some dollar store deals like cables and toys that may not meet safety requirements or are prone to breaking. Consider skipping over potential medicine and vitamin knock-offs that risk inferior quality to a drugstore version, or opting for Costco for some bulk buys.

When shopping for these 9 everyday items, you're better off scoping out wholesale stores or the clearance aisle at retail stores if you're on a tight budget.

Avoid being short-changed, and check out our list of products you should skip at Dollar Tree and shop for elsewhere.

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Now watch the best things to buy at the dollar store:

The Best Buys at Dollar Stores
The Best Buys at Dollar Stores