'Sad Grandma' story goes viral, gets happy ending

'Sad Grandma' Story Goes Viral, Gets Happy Ending

THOMPSON - A Connecticut grandma's story went viral after her art show became a no-show, giving her the title, "Sad Grandma." Magdalene Jourdan, 89, has been painting since she was two years old.

"I was very excited and flattered when they gave me the prospect that I might have an art show," Jourdan said. "I said, 'finally I can tell somebody about something, how I feel.'"

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Her granddaughter, Lily Jourdan, 17, took to twitter to share her sadness after hearing nobody showed up to her grandmother's art show at the Thompson Public Library.

In three days, that tweet has more than 30,000 likes and some celebrity retweets. People from other states and countries are even offering to buy her artwork.

Magdalene said she has been expressing herself for decades through her artwork, which is why she named her art show, "Reflections of a Lifetime."

Dozens of her paintings were on display at the library, many which reflected what truly inspires her - nature.

"You just open your eyes and walk around and you're surrounded with so much beauty," she said.

She couldn't wait to share the stories behind her art at the library on her show's debut night, Thursday.

She put on her best dress for the exhibit, but was disappointed by the showing. She blamed the rainy weather for the low attendance.

"She was like 'not many people showed up I got all glammed up and none went,'" Lily said.

Heartbroken to hear those words, Lily took to twitter to express her sadness.

In a tweet she wrote: "Came home from an away game & my grandma went to her art showing and no one went she called herself foolish."

The tweet went viral with people referring to Magdalene as "Sad Grandma," and wanting to do anything they could to make her happy.

"Everyone's like 'it's beautiful. I would come from Florida, California, Illinois, to see your grandmas artwork," Lily said. "I'm like 'that`s incredible that so many people care.'"

All the outpouring of support turned the Sad Grandma's frown upside down.

"My grandma just doesn't want that negativity in the world," Lily said. "She wants positivity and people to love art, love nature and love everything."

The family said they are very happy Thompson Public Library is sharing her artwork, which is on display to the public until May 25.

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