Girl kicked out of prom for wearing tuxedo

Girl Says She Was Kicked Out of Prom for Wearing a Tuxedo

HARRISBURG, Penn. (WPIX) — A Pennsylvania high school student had the experience of a lifetime at prom, but not in the way she expected.

Aniya Wolf, a student at Bishop McDevitt High School near Harrisburg, is a lesbian who doesn't wear girly clothes.

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Her school uniform was strictly a shirt and pants, so for prom she bought a tuxedo.

An email from the school explained girls had to wear a dress to prom, but Wolf's family said the e-mail came out last minute.

Wolf ignored the dress code and went to prom anyway and was thrown out. She told WHTM that a school official grabbed her by the arm and had threatened to call police.

"On Friday afternoon, when it was brought to the attention of the school administration that a female student was planning to wear a tuxedo, we contacted her mother in hopes we could resolve the situation," the school said in a statement posted to Facebook.

"It's important to note that students who haven't adhered to the dress code in past years haven't been admitted to the prom.

Bishop McDdevitt will continue to practice acceptance and love for all of our students."

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Girl kicked out of prom for wearing tuxedo
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