Escaped convicted child killer on the run after changing his mind to surrender

Escaped Convicted Child Killer on the Run after Changing His Mind to Surrender

A New Jersey prisoner is at large.

After originally agreeing to surrender, 38-year-old Arthur Buckel seems to have changed his mind and is once again on the loose.

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Buckel initially escaped from the Bayside State Prison unit at the Ancora Psychiatric Hospital in Winslow Township, New Jersey.

He escaped just 18 days before he was due for parole. Bucket was last seen on a surveillance camera at a Garden State Parkway rest area.

Officials were working with his family, who said he intended to turn himself in. They suspect he had a change of heart, as he was no longer at the rest stop when police arrived.

Officials also believe he headed north on foot, but they are unsure of his current whereabouts and whether he is still on foot or has obtained a vehicle.

Buckel was serving a three-year sentence for multiple charges, including aggravated assault, receiving stolen property and burglary. He was previously imprisoned for killing a 10-month-old baby in 1996.

In the wake of the manhunt, authorities have increased their presence in the surrounding communities, especially along the Garden State Parkway and at nearby school bus stops.

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