Dog adopts orphaned animals at Cincinnati Zoo

Dog Adopts Orphaned Animals at Cincinnati Zoo

By Amanda Kabbabe/Gillian Pensavalle, Buzz60

Forget mama bears! The Cincinnati Zoo has got its very own mama dog.

Blakely is a nursery dog who's taking his fellow zoo animals under his wing. Or, rather, his paw.

Blakely's job is to nurture animals who have been abandoned by their mothers.

A playful pup, Blakely also helps animals become more socialized. Playing helps his fellow animals get in some exercise, which is important for their physical and mental well-being.

Yep, just like humans, animals need some cardio too!

Someone should get Blakely some business cards printed up, since he does have an official title. He is the authorized "Resident Nursery Companion" of the Cincinnati Zoo.

Most recently, Blakely has become a surrogate parent for five cheetah cubs that recently lost their mother at birth.

The cubs have since been getting stronger, and it's all thanks to Blakely.

Hopefully, Blakely is a good negotiator and has the Cincinnati Zoo compensating him well. After all, a pup this generous deserves the good dog treats, not the generic kind!

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Dog adopts orphaned animals at Cincinnati Zoo
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