Chris Hemsworth saves the day by baking his daughter a birthday cake

What Did Chris Hemsworth Bake For His Daughter?
What Did Chris Hemsworth Bake For His Daughter?

When Chris Hemsworth isn't busy portraying the hammer-wielding Thunder God in Marvel's Thor, he takes on an equally impressive role of a spatula-wielding, baking dad.

Hemsworth recently hung up his cape and picked up an apron to save his daughter's birthday after he said a bakery didn't have time to make her a cake.

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The actor posted a photograph on Instagram of the adorably birthday cake he baked — or rather, "smashed out" — for his daughter, India.

"La TRex al la chocolate," as Hemsworth called his masterpiece, is a green dinosaur cake adorned with all sorts of sweet, colorful treats from icing, to candy, to straight up sugar.

His wife, Elsa Pataky, also posted a photograph on Instagram of the cake and Hemsworth baking it.

We do have some follow up questions. How soon before India's birthday did he call the bakery to get the cake? Is there only one bakery where he lives? Did they just happen to have a dinosaur-shaped pan in their house?

Still, this heartwarming act just goes to show that sometimes parents can be the ultimate superheroes.

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See photos of Hemsworth's home: