Battlefield 1 has been revealed, gets release date

Last week, Infinity Ward and Activision broke its silenceon the next installment of the Call of Duty franchise, the space set, sci-fi futuristic shooter Infinite Warfare. But Call of Duty wasn't the only big first person shooter series to unveil its newest installment in the past seven days.

Not to be outdone, the folks over at EA and DICE have also unveiled the next iteration of
Battlefield, which is going pretty much the complete opposite direction of Infinite Warfare -- rather than going further into the future, the next Battlefield has chosen to take a journey deep into the past.

Prophetically entitled Battlefield 1, the game will take players deep into the realm of World War I, complete with all the iconic devices you would expect: trench warfare, biplane dogfights, mustard gas, and zeppelins. In a blog post announcing the game, DICE promised the "most dynamic battles in FPS history," featuring battles at land, air, and even sea. "Tanks, planes, machine guns, artillery – a lot of the tech you've used in other Battlefield games was perfected during this era," read the blog post, "letting the classic Battlefield DNA shine through."

Released alongside the announcement was the game's first trailer. Battlefield 1 has been slated for release on October 18, 2016. More from the game (including a first look at in-engine gameplay) should be expected to come out the week of E3. Like everything else in that very packed week, be sure to tune in then for more. You can check out the short (but sweet) teaser below:

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