Allow Twitter to reimagine John Cho as the star of blockbusters (and your heart)

East Asians Watched Yellowface And It Will Make You Cringe

Take a look at John Cho's IMDb page and try not to get too depressed: Cho is arguably the biggest Asian-American male actor, and he's getting guest roles on shows like House of Lies and BoJack Horseman, where he voices "Lead Improv-er." But hey, you've got to eat, and at least Cho has Star Trek Beyond coming out later this year. But couldn't you imagine John Cho in so many other roles? As a quadriplegic romantic lead for instance? Or a dinosaur wrangler? Or a super-sexy spy? Well, that's what Twitter is for — unlike the real world, it's a place where we can let our imaginations fly and our hearts sing. #StarringJohnCho fills the John Cho-size hole that you have in your heart:

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Allow Twitter to reimagine John Cho as the star of blockbusters (and your heart)
Cho. John Cho. #StarringJohnCho #Spectre
MARCH: Nobody got hurt. HEALY: People got hurt. MARCH: I'm saying, I think they died quickly. #StarringJohnCho
Mars will come to fear my botany powers #StarringJohnCho #TheMartian
The Syndicate is real. A rogue nation, trained to do what we do. #MissionImpossible #StarringJohnCho
That thing out there... That is no dinosaur. #JurassicWorld #StarringJohnCho
You only get one life. It’s actually your duty to live it as fully as possible. @mebeforeyou #StarringJohnCho
Happy #MothersDay! Ever wonder what @SeeMothersDay might look like if it was #StarringJohnCho? We did too
What if Sarah and Joseph Rogers had adopted an Asian child and named him Steve? See the result. #StarringJohnCho
Mr. President, those better be comfortable shoes. @londonfallen #StarringJohnCho

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