Siblings go into vegetative state as night falls, baffling doctors

Siblings Go Into Vegetative State As Night Falls, Baffling Doctors

Mysterious diseases still exist despite all the advances in medicine, and one such illness has baffled doctors in Pakistan.

The case involves two brothers, ages 9 and 13, who are active children when there is daylight, but once the sun disappears, they lapse into a vegetative state, reports theDaily Times.

As such, they have been nicknamed the "solar kids."

According to the Pakistan-based site, their father claims that the boys seemed to have been born "dependent on sunlight."

However, doctors point out that the children appear to be fine even when the sun is not visible, such as during overcast weather or in a shaded room, notes the Associated Press.

After undergoing 200-plus tests at a hospital in Lahore without a conclusive diagnosis, the boys were sent to the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences for more extensive exams.

According to the Daily Times, the doctors there have determined the problem to be "weak muscles which are [joined] together."

As such, the kids are expected to receive a vaccine to treat the disease in the days ahead.

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