12 items you should always buy from Walmart

Walmart's business is built on the myth that is cheaper than competitors — something that was proven false in 2013, when Target beat out the retail chain in a head-to-head price competition.

However, you can still find some serious deals at Walmart. You just have to know where to look.

If you're stopping by the retail chain, make sure to add these items to your shopping cart instead of visiting Costco or Target.

Here are 12 purchases that make shopping at Walmart worth it.

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12 items you should always buy from Walmart

Name-brand snacks

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The retailer beats out rivals Target and Toys 'R' Us when it comes to Legos deals, Regina Novickis of Slickdeals.com old Go Banking Rates. Other toys may be hit or miss, but definitely stick to Walmart when it comes to Legos.

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Photo printing

Walmart is one of the cheapest and speediest options for printing photos, offering 4 inch by 6 inch prints for $0.09 via the home-delivery service. In general, Walmart is less expensive that drugstores that print photos across the board, with a 2013 report finding that Walgreens and CVS charge roughly 40% more than Walmart for the same basket of goods.

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Seasonal produce

Walmart deeply discounts items that are in season, reports the Passionate Penny Pincher. Plus, if you see something that you know would be cheaper at Aldi, the store has to price match your weekly Aldi sales flyer. Visit early in the morning to get the best picks.

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Disposable razors

Razors at Walmart are up to 50% less expensive than at drugstores, Coupons.com’s Jeanette Pavini told Go Banking Rates.

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Upscale coffee

Walmart sells 12 ounces of Seattle's Best organic fair-trade coffee for just $5.65. That's less expensive than anything you can find onAmazon or Target.

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Simple furniture

If you’re looking to save, you might want to consider ditching Ikea for Walmart, Lindsay Sakraida of DealNews.com told Go Banking Rates. You can find items like a simple student desks for half the price.

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Party supplies

A dollar store may be cheaper, but Walmart tends to sell in larger quantities, reports the Passionate Penny Pincher.

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Name-brand laundry detergent

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Clothing basics

If you need true basics, Walmart has some of the best deals around for T-shirts, tanks tops, and socks, reports the Passionate Penny Pincher.

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Regional favorites

To win over local customers, Walmart is working to bring in more local offerings,reports CBS News. That means brands like Blue Bell ice cream in Texas and Colorado Proud locally grown produce in Denver.

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Office supply basics

If there isn't a deal at Staples, buy your printer paper at Walmart. Tape, envelopes, pens, and pencils are also well-priced, according to the Passionate Penny Pincher.

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