Remember cartridges? They might be coming back soon

For the last three generations of gaming, Nintendo has been a bit behind in the technology department, at least compared to its competitors. Back with the Gamecube, it didn't run standard disc. With the Wii, it couldn't run high definition graphics. And with the Wii U, it could barely measure up to the Playstation 3, let alone the Playstation 4 or its new iteration the NEO. And if a new rumor is to be believed, the Nintendo NX may end up behind in terms of technology yet again...this time, on purpose.

JAPAN - SEPTEMBER 04:  Super Nintendo Entertainment System, 1992. Computer games console with 'Alien 3' game cartridge and one hand-held controller made by Nintendo, Japan.  (Photo by SSPL/Getty Images)

The rumor began to spread like wildfire over at NeoGaf, who linked recent statements from company Macronix to a potentially cartridge based NX. Macronix is the company that develops the chips used inside Nintendo's cartridge based handhelds, from the Gameboy to the Nintendo 3DS. That company is claiming that they will have a "large growth potential" at the end of the year and in the run up to the NX (mentioning the console by name, mind you.) They also mentioned a huge number of "high capacity" chips being pushed out, which would fit in with these cartridges being used for a console of some sort.

Now this alone can't be confirmation of Nintendo dropping a disc based system in its entirety, but it adds yet another wrinkle to just what the company expects this NX system to be. If Nintendo thinks it wiser to spring for cartridges, will it bridge the gap between console and handheld in even grander way than the Wii U? With this company it's hard to say, but following versions of the Wii, one thing's for sure: whatever Nintendo decides to unveil when it comes to its next console, it's probably best to go in expecting the unexpected.

We would love to update you with more news on this soon, and this sounds like the perfect announcement to make at E3, but Nintendo has already stated that they aren't going to give us anymore NX news anytime soon. Do you like this change? Do you think it'll work? Is the power of nostalgia a good enough reason to do this?
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