Owners of paralyzed dog leave her at shelter's doorstep with heartbreaking note

Owner Of Paralyzed Dog Leaves Her At Shelter's Doorstep With Sad Note
Owner Of Paralyzed Dog Leaves Her At Shelter's Doorstep With Sad Note

The owners of a paralyzed Chihuahua mix recently found themselves faced with an incredibly tough decision: Let their beloved pup suffer, or drop her off at a shelter where she can get the help that they simply can't afford.

Luckily for 2-year-old Genie, her owners took the selfless path.

According to WTSP, the maintenance supervisor at Tampa Bay's Humane Society, Lon Savini, found Genie Wednesday morning on the steps of the building with the saddest handwritten note explaining why she was there.

It read, "Please help my Genie. Genie is paralyzed from I believe her hips to her hind legs. I tried to manage her pain with medications from her vet but they only ease her pain and she needs surgery. I cannot afford so I ask that the Animal Health Center heal her and find her a loving forever home. Thank you."

Personnel at the center say they are not at all upset with the owner, and will do everything they can for the dog.

"They did the right thing by bringing her to the animal shelter. We'll take care of her," Savini said.

The humane society sprang into action to find a way to help Genie get the medical care she so desperately needed, and, thanks to the generosity of donors who contributed to an online funding campaign, proper funding is no longer an obstacle.

The shelter shared that by Friday they had raised more than $20,000 for their animals.

Naturally, they took to Facebook that same day to share a heartfelt 'thank you' from Genie herself.

Hopefully with the funds raised, Genie can get the medical attention she needs, and can be on her way to a loving forever home as soon as possible -- and based on her adorable mug, we're guessing finding a family to take her in won't be too difficult a task.

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