Model Hannah Ferguson on confidence, lingerie and finding 'the one'

Hannah Ferguson has modeled in Sports Illustrated,GQ, and countless other features -- and she can also boast having been turned into an animated character. How many people can say that?!

For their latest campaign, Triumph lingerie put together the sweetest video about "finding the one, again!" -- true love in the form of the perfect bra. We got the chance to chat with Hannah about the campaign, working with Triumph and the best piece of advice she's gotten from her mom.

We all feel our most beautiful when we feel confident — how has your experience working with Triumph and the Magic Boost collection helped you with that?

Every time I get into Triumph lingerie, I'm continuously surprised at how much variety there is. The brand has every design, shape and fit that honestly caters for every need, body shape and occasion. For example if I want to run errands, a quick grocery shop or most importantly when I want to look my best for a special red carpet event – the products never let me down. I always feel super confident whatever I am up to. The most recent Magic Boost 'Lift-Up' bra that I actually wear in the TV commercial made my bust look amazing and gave me great shape. I do believe that once you have found the right fitting lingerie, you'll feel confident, super feminine and sexy – it can make such a difference.

Hannah Ferguson wearing the Triumph Magic Boost
Hannah Ferguson wearing the Triumph Magic Boost

How was the experience of being transformed into an animated character for the latest campaign?

It was a wonderful experience! And, actually a first for me! It was intriguing to be transformed into an animated character - it's funny but when I was little I dreamt in animation so it was bizarre to finally see it, it literally felt like I was watching one of my dreams! It was also really exciting to be on set with the creative teams and understand the process. The live acting component of the campaign shoot brought everything together; connecting the dots from animation to reality. I think Triumph have totally captured that 'ta-dah!' moment women have when wanting to find great fitting lingerie through this really funny and charming TV ad.

With Mother's Day around the corner, we love that the new campaign celebrates moms and finding confidence again — what's the best piece of advice your mother has given you?

My parents are both Marines, so they taught me to be disciplined in all aspects of my life! I was brought up to work hard but the best piece of advice from my mom has to be that if there is something that I want, I have to give 100% to get it.

What's your best tip for women who want to get bikini body ready? Your favorite workout or the healthy eating tip you live by?

I do love to work out; it's something that relaxes me especially when I'm traveling a lot. I mostly keep fit by running, attending SLT (strengthen, lengthen, tone) Megaformer classes, or doing a yoga class here and there.

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