Iron Man Robert Downey Jr. teaches dramatic acting class to Jimmy Fallon (Video)

Robert Downey Jr. Coaches Jimmy Through Dramatic Acting Scenes

Robert Downey Jr. has been nominated for two Oscars — Jimmy Fallon starred in "Fever Pitch."

The guy in the Iron Man suit offered up some dramatic acting lessons Thursday for the fella behind the "Tonight Show" desk, though none of them really took. Downey Jr. walked Fallon through two drills designed to bring out the chops — a door-opening scene and a driving scene.

Watch how they went via the video above.

"My dirty little secret is that I'm not actually that good," the humble "Captain America: Civil War" stated.

"I'm a bad actor," Fallon finally admits at the end, to which a generous Downey Jr. offers: "We're equal."

The highly praised "Civil War" is finally out nationwide today.

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