Indiana installs its first 'Safe Haven Baby Box' for abandoned infants

Indiana Installs Its First 'Safe Haven Baby Box' For Leaving Unwanted Infants

Not all who have children are ready for motherhood, and all of the nation's 50 states have laws that allow for newborns to be surrendered without penalty, reports Chicago Tribune.

Indiana, which already permits infants under the age of 45 days to be left at hospitals, firehouses, and police stations, recently introduced another alternative – Safe Haven Baby Boxes.

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According to The Independent, two such boxes have been installed thus far, one in Woodburn and another in Michigan City.

The receptacles are climate controlled and send an alert to emergency personnel when a child has been placed inside.

Many more outposts are planned, and the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic organization, has committed to paying for the first 100.

The project was spearheaded by Monica Kelsey, who wants to ensure that women preferring to stay anonymous have a means of doing so without endangering the babies.

Some critics of baby drop-off boxes say the option encourages abandonment, while others are concerned women who intend to use them will forego seeking safe birthing options.

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