Swap this for that: Diet changes for healthier living

Food swapsAccording to research by Dr. Bruce Roseman, weight gain stems from an addiction to certain foods. In reality, you are a prison of what you eat. Accepting that food addiction is a real problem and treating it like any other addiction puts you in control of your health and your weight.

Rule number one when beginning your diet overhaul is no bread and no potatoes. Keep an eye out for foods that have bread in them --- pizza, wraps, pitas, tortillas, meatloaf (often made with bread or breadcrumbs). When in doubt, read ingredient labels.

When eliminating "addictocarbs," keep in mind that the things acceptable are shakes, proteins, fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, cheeses, salads, pasta alternatives, bread alternatives and potato alternatives. Cut out the nine highly addictive carbs while eating healthy, flavorful foods such as fruits, nuts, vegetables, cheese and meat.

Click through below to see the swaps you need to make in your diet!

Swap this for that -- carbohydrate swaps
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Swap this for that: Diet changes for healthier living

SWAP: Sugar

There are 12.6 grams of carbs in one tablespoon of sugar.  One teaspoon of sugar has 4.2 grams.

FOR: Applesauce

Dr. Roseman recommends swapping regular applesauce with applesauce without sugar to add sweetness to a meal. Homemade applesauce is even better. Wash and peel before making sauce from apples, peaches or even pears.  

•    3 apples, peeled, cored, cut into 2-inch pieces
•    ¼ teaspoon ground cinnamon (optional)
•    5 – 10 berries (optional)

Place apple pieces, cinnamon and berries into a food processor.  Pulse on high about 60 seconds or until apples have the consistence of applesauce.  

Applesauce is a great addition for addictocarb-free sweet potato pancakes and a great snack on its own.  Oatmeal with strawberries and applesauce is a perfect breakfast.

SWAP: Potatoes

White potatoes are an addictive carb. It is best to swap with...

FOR: Sweet potatoes  

Whether frozen, baked, roasted or mashed, there is no reason to eliminate potatoes from your diet.  Plan healthier and use sweet potatoes.

Sweet potatoes are a relatively high-carb, high-calorie food that fits nicely into the Addictocarb Diet.  They are low in sodium and very low in saturated fat and cholesterol.  Sweet potatoes are a good source of dietary fiber, providing double the amount of fiber of white potatoes.

Prepare sweet potatoes in the same way as you would regular potatoes:  baked, mashed, fried --- even baked as chips or gated for pancakes.

SWAP: Bread

It’s easy to swap bread with bread alternatives since there are so many products on the market today.  

FOR: Lettuce, veggies

Try a bun-less sandwich.  Use large leaves of romaine lettuce in place of bread, tortillas or buns.  Lettuce provides a crisp, refreshing texture and works well with a variety of fillings.  Lettuce is gluten free --- an extra bonus.  Try a tuna and romaine lettuce sandwich or hamburger on romaine.

Cucumber chips are great to replace tortilla chips or other chips for dipping in salsa, guacamole and hummus.

Wasa Crisp ‘n Light 7 Grain Crackerbreads are made with whole-grain wheat, wheat rye, yellow corn, barley, spelt, whole-grain amaranth and quinoa.  Since it is all natural, it does not contain trans fats and is a good source of whole grains.  Try a peanut butter and raspberry sandwich with Crisp’n Light crackers.

SWAP: Pasta

You cannot have pasta is you are going to break the carb addiction.  

FOR: Spaghetti squash and other alternatives

Dreamfields Pasta is a pasta, but not an addictocarb.  While it is made of the same ingredient as regular pasta, it contains an added mix of harmless fibers and wheat protein that set up barriers to digestive enzymes.  Therefore, it functions more like fiber.

Other non-pasta options include pasta made from Jerusalem artichokes, made from a sunroot, a species of a sunflower, it is used as a substitute for potatoes and in pasta.  Remember that spaghetti squash is a wonderful swap for regular pasta.

SWAP: Soda

There are 39 grams of carbs in one 2 liter bottle of cola.

FOR: Flavored water

Swap sugar-filled soda with flavored waters, Perrier and other non-sugar carbonated beverages.  Read the ingredients to avoid high fructose corn syrup.  

SWAP: Snacks

Avoid the carbs of pretzels and potato chips.

FOR: Healthy snacks

To avoid addictive carbs, swap potato chips or pretzels for peanuts, popcorn or dark chocolate.


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