Cancer patient wins the lottery twice in 3 months

Cancer Patient Wins The Lottery Twice In Three Months

A cancer-stricken woman just won the lottery for a second time.

Gina Short from Mecklenburg County, North Carolina won the top $250,000 prize in the state's All or Nothing drawing on April 29.

Short said, "We're still in disbelief mode...We kind of didn't believe it. We checked the same ticket six or seven times because we thought we misread it."

But there was no misreading—and after taxes were factored in, Short took home a little over $173,000.

Her win comes just a few months after winning $1 million through a different game.

Currently on chemotherapy, Short has been living with breast cancer for around six years.

Her husband, Len, said, "With what Gina's been going through this helps...We'll use the money for Gina. She's the priority. She's number one."
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