Rob Gronkowski hates beer because it tastes weird

Rob Gronkowski Chugs Beers with Katie Nolan
Rob Gronkowski Chugs Beers with Katie Nolan

When people think of New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, several things come to mind. His joy for playing the game and his penchant for having fun and partying makes him the equivalent of an adult fraternity guy. That reputation might have to be changed because a requirement to be a frat boy is that you have to like beer. Gronkowski admitted in an interview that he's not a huge fan of beer.

During the interview with Katie Nolan, Gronkowski says that "he doesn't drink that often... maybe once or twice a week". Instead of beer, Gronkowski prefers vodka and water, sometimes a "splash of cranberry." Why doesn't Gronkowski like beer? The reasoning is quite simple: he thinks it tastes weird.

Gronk's thoughts on beer are interesting considering how much he parties and that he was drinking beer like it was water during the Patriots' most recent Super Bowl parade in 2015. Then again, Gronkowski has never been one to care what anyone thinks. He likes what he likes and he doesn't care if people don't like that. Gronkowski's still a pretty awesome guy who many people would like to share an adult beverage with. Never change Gronk.

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