#RapedAtSpelman: Twitter account alleges Morehouse gang rape

#RapedAtSpelman: Twitter Account Alleges Morehouse Gang Rape

By: Carly Figueroa, Veuer

An anonymous Twitter account has caused two prestigious historically black colleges in Atlanta to launch investigations into a rape claim.

The disturbing tweets from user RapedAtSpelman recount the events of a Spelman College freshman attending a party with upperclassmen.

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She begins by writing, "This is my Freshman year at Spelman and my last year because I decided to leave after what happened to me."

The anonymous Freshman then went on to say she was raped by four students of Morehouse College, a brother school to Spelman.

After completing a rape kit at the school and waiting a month, she was contacted by the dean of public safety.

See reactions to the allegations below:

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#RapedAtSpelman: Twitter account alleges Morehouse gang rape
This thread is absolutely heart breaking. Black women DO NOT BE AFRAID TO SPEAK YOUR TRUTH! #rapedatspelman https://t.co/4XHwjVi4qr
I want justice for those who were #RapedAtSpelman and those who were #RapedByMorehouse. Sending you all my love and support.
As @Morehouse alum, I don't see #rapedbymorehouse or #rapedatspelman as attacks but calls to hold our administrations accountable
#RapedAtSpelman & #RapedByMorehouse go hand in hand, put your ego aside and listen to the actual victims instead of being defensive
I need my Morehouse brothers and sons to understand that #rapedbymorehouse is a call to end campus rape culture, not a universal indictment.
Black women are always silenced about the rapes from black men just so they won't "put another brotha down" #RapedByMorehouse
U gon' cape for HBCUs, but not cape 4 ur sisters and the mothers of your children? Disgusting. #RapedAtSpelman #RapedByMorehouse #Spelhouse
I am a graduate of @SpelmanCollege and the #rapedatSpelman story is no surprise to me, neither is the response of the deans of both school.
#rapedbymorehouse and #rapedatspelman is an opportunity for Black people to have a conversation about rape culture and patriarchy.
Black women should never be forced to choose between their blackness and their womanhood. #rapedatSpelman #rapedbyMorehouse
"We need awareness young brothas..." No. WE NEED FOLKS TO STOP RAPING US. #RapedByMorehouse #RapedAtSpelman
And the violence isn't always physical. Demanding that Black women remain silent is an act of violence. #RapedAtSpelman #RapedByMorehouse
it pains me most that my Spelman sisters feel silenced by the very institution that taught us to speak out #rapedbymorehouse #rapedatspelman

She recounted being told that Morehouse and Superman schools are "brother & sister so I should give them a pass."

She closed the horrifying account by saying, "Spelman has taught me to be a free thinking woman and also to be a woman who has to keep her mouths closed to protect her 'brothers.'"

Since the claims surfaced, Spelman's president, Dr. Mary Campbell, penned a letter to students expressing "heartbreak" and "outrage" and vowing to launch an investigation.

She then took to her Twitter account in an attempt to reach the anonymous user to hold a private meeting.

Morehouse's president also released a statement, saying they would be launching an investigation.

The troubling tweets have sparked student protests, as well as the hashtags #RapedAtSpelman and #RapedAtMorehouse.

The unknown student has since expressed gratitude for the outpouring of support.

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