Experts warn San Andreas fault 'locked, loaded and ready to roll' in California

Experts Warn San Andreas Fault 'Locked Loaded And Ready To Roll' In California

Southern California is blessed with great weather, beautiful beaches, and a verdant landscape.

At the same time, it is cursed with being prone to earthquakes, and experts recently warned the region is overdue for a very serious one, reports KCAL.

According to Thomas Jordan, director of the Southern California Earthquake Center, who spoke at the National Earthquake Conference, the San Andreas fault's southern stretch is, "Locked, loaded, and ready to roll."

Jordan noted it's been well over a hundred years since the fault's last major tremor, notes the Los Angeles Times.

That is in excess of the typical seismic activity interval.

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Experts warn San Andreas fault 'locked, loaded and ready to roll' in California

The Alaska-Aleutian Megathrust is located across 3,600 kilometers between Kamchatka, Russia to the Gulf of Alaska.

(Photo by Daniel A. Leifheit via Getty Images)

The Cascadia Megathrust stretches along the coasts of Washington and Oregon up into Canada

(Photo via Encyclopaedia Britannica/UIG via Getty Images)

The Eastern Tennessee Seismic Zone runs from Alabama to Virginia and is responsible for four earthquakes in the past century. 

(Photo by Harrison Shull via Getty Images)

The Elsinore Fault Zone lies along the Santa Ana Mountains in Southern California

(Photo handout via NASA)

The Hayward Fault Zone runs along San Francisco Bay for 119 miles.

(Photo by Dave and Les Jacobs via Getty Images)

The Humboldt Fault (red) and the Midcontinent Rift System (green) are both located in Kansas and Nebraska. 

(Photo via Public Domain)

The Laguna Salada Fault runs from the US to Mexico and caused the 2010 Mexicali quake.

(Photo credit should read Daniel CONEJO/AFP/Getty Images)

The Moab Fault is located in Utah.

(By Andrew Wilson (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons)

The New Madrid Fault Zone is located in Missouri.

(Photo via Public Domain)

The San Andreas Fault System runs along 1,300 kilometers in California. 


USA-EARTHQUAKE HISTORIC - Map of California visualizing earthquake activity over the past 25 years. Includes fault lines

When it does finally activate, experts anticipate it will trigger an up to 8.0 magnitude earthquake.

Casualties are predicted to be in excess of 1,800, injuries will likely befall roughly 50,000 people, and damages could reach $200 billion, notes KTTV.

The researchers are urging preparedness.

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