Donald Trump broke the internet on Cinco de Mayo with 1 photo

Donald Trump Faces Backlash After Cinco De Mayo Tweet
Donald Trump Faces Backlash After Cinco De Mayo Tweet

Cinco de Mayo is officially a holiday celebrating the triumph of the Mexican army at the Battle of Puebla, but for millions of Americans it's become an excuse to drink margaritas and dine on nachos. It turns out the presumptive Republican nominee for president is one of those millions of Americans.

How exactly did Donald Trump celebrate Cinco de Mayo? By sharing a photo of him eating a taco bowl in Trump Tower in New York City.

The tweet immediately set Twitter ablaze with speculation and reaction.

For starters, it appears the Trump Tower Grill doesn't actually serve taco bowls. It appears that Trump's Tex-Mex treat likely came from the Trump Café, which is offering "the best taco bowls" on Thursday as a "taco fiesta."

Another inquisitive journalistic also noticed that Trump is eating his bowl atop of a bikini-clad photo of Marla Maples, his ex-wife.

But what caught the attention of many social media users was Trump's declaration of love for Hispanics as if it somehow relates to his fondness for Tex-Mex cuisine on a day that commemorates the Mexican Army's victory over France.

Hillary Clinton, his likely Democratic rival in the general election, quickly jumped on the opportunity.

It's also worth noting that not everyone thinks the best tacos come from Trump Tower. In January, food critic Robert Sietsema ordered the "beef tacos" from Trump Grill and wrote that they "turned out to be a fried tortilla bowl heaped with romaine lettuce, grated yellow cheese, and plain ground beef that was so devoid of flavor, it rendered an insult to Mexicans every bit as profound as Trump's previous pronouncements. Trump food is bland food."

But the best part of the photo might just be all the amazing memes it quickly inspired:

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