Become royalty in this 288-square-foot tiny castle

Tiny Houses To Solve Big Problem
Tiny Houses To Solve Big Problem

"Tiny" and "castle" are two words that aren't usually correlated with one another but in this case, they mesh together so seamlessly in one of the quirkiest yet intriguing listings we've seen to date.

Sitting atop a grand hill and overlooking the north shore of the gorgeous Lake Chelan in Manson, Washington, this castle is only accessible by boat. It's pretty much something straight out of "Game of Thrones," or any fantasy novel for that matter, just shrunken way down.

The castle itself sits at a tiny 288 square feet and makes for the perfect little hideaway or getaway.

The high lookout vantage point makes for quite the view that can be seen out of any of the gothic style windows that are interspersed around the stonewalls of the fortress.

Take a look at the cutest castle you'll ever see here:

The castle comes with access to your own private dock, which is important seeing as your only other option other than boating in to the property is to swim there.

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Cylindrical in style, the castle comes unfurnished with no specific room separation, ideal for you to create your own swanky loft or crash pad.

If isolation and privacy are what you're craving, this spot is yours for $89K.

Live out your dream of being King or Queen of your own castle—you've waited long enough.

Now, check out this real-sized castle right outside of Cleveland that will leave you speechless:

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