8 candid pieces of wisdom from Richard Branson that will change your outlook on the business world

Richard Branson Knows How To Spend His Money!

It's safe to say that Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group, knows very well what he's doing when it comes to entrepreneurial endeavors and how to navigate the business world.

One thing that's made Branson so likable among so many customers, fellow business leaders and fans alike (he has over 800K followers on Instagram) is the humanistic element he brings to his business approach--Branson makes being a billionaire relatable.

It's not uncommon to hear Branson rattling off a slew of sarcastic candor or posting photos of him lounging on his private island, Necker Island.

Plus, that fabulous hair certainly doesn't hurt!

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It's no surprise that when given the opportunity to answer questions for aspiring entrepreneurs and established businessmen alike, Branson gives sound advice that's complemented by his characteristic sense of humor and British charm.

Here are eight fun facts, answers and words of wisdom he rattled off during his Reddit AMA when he was asked questions covering everything from his personal life to his cold hard business advice:

What he would tell himself at age 21:

TheRichardBranson's Comment on Reddit

How he answers the age old question "Does money buy happiness?"

TheRichardBranson's Comment on Reddit

What a typical day looks like for Branson:

TheRichardBranson's Comment on Reddit

How he suggests evaluating whether or not a new business venture is worthwhile:

TheRichardBranson's Comment on Reddit

His childhood hero and inspiration:

TheRichardBranson's Comment on Reddit

How he overcame his learning disability and used it to fuel his endeavors:

TheRichardBranson's Comment on Reddit

Why he doesn't admire any one business leader in particular:

TheRichardBranson's Comment on Reddit

And best of all, his one piece of advice for all inspiring entrepreneurs:

TheRichardBranson's Comment on Reddit

Check out these photos of Richard Branson throughout the years:

Richard Branson
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8 candid pieces of wisdom from Richard Branson that will change your outlook on the business world

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