Why Facebook just paid this 10-year-old $10K

10-year-old earns $10K reward for finding Instagram flaw
10-year-old earns $10K reward for finding Instagram flaw

If find yourself frequently complaining about millennials and their incessant obsession with their smart phones and social media, you're not alone. Oftentimes, these complaints are fairly stated.

In this case, however, a boy's curiosity about Instagram just paid off big time.

And the best part is that he's not even old enough to have his own account, per Instagram's age policy.

10-year-old Finland native Jani (whose last name is not being released for privacy reasons) found a bug in Instagram's platform that allows outside hackers to use code to delete other users' comments.

And as a nice little reward, Facebook (which owns Instagram) is paying him $10,000.

Now that's a pretty solid bonus to any 10-year-old's allowance.

Jani told Finnish newspaper Iltalehti:

"I wanted to see if Instagram's comment field could stand malicious code. Turns out it couldn't."

Jani's reward is being granted through Facebook's "bug bounty program," which rewards hackers and coders for finding bugs and glitches in the company's platforms.

Since the program rolled out in 2011, Facebook has paid out about $4.3M in rewards to over 800 users worldwide.

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Jani, however, is the youngest to ever receive a reward from the program.

The young boy was quite confident in his findings, explaining:

"I could have deleted anyone's comments from there. Even Justin Bieber's."

Yes, even The Biebs comments were not safe from this Finnish boy wonder.

The bug has since been fixed.

So what's next for Jani?

He's reportedly planning on spending his earnings on a new bike and a soccer ball.

Not a bad choice at all, we'd say.

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