These superhero-themed prom outfits are out of this world

Why These Teens Dressed As Superheroes For The Prom

Not all heroes wear capes -- in fact, some wear 3-piece suits.

Instead of sticking to what was expected for their prom attire this year, one friend group decided to think outside the box, opting for a more superhuman theme.

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According to the group's photographer, Johnny Bolinger, the Subiaco Academy students arrived for the photo session in what appeared to be normal formalwear.

It wasn't until the men unbuttoned their dress shirts to reveal their superhero logos that the entire photoshoot transformed.

The men lined up with their dates, all of whom coordinated their dresses to match their respective Marvel or DC partner-in-crime.

Since being posted onto the photographer's Facebook page, the photo has gone viral, racking up more than 300,000 shares since April 30th.

Naturally, it wasn't long before Reddit gave the photo the meme treatment, turning an already awesome photo into an epic photo.

Check it out below.

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