Some Republicans are burning their voter registration cards after Trump becomes presumptive nominee

Donald Trump Wins Indiana Primary
Donald Trump Wins Indiana Primary

Donald Trump's path to becoming the Republican nominee for president became all but certain on Tuesday as Sen. Ted Cruz suspended his campaign after a crushing loss in the Indiana primary -- but not everyone's happy about it.

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus declared Trump the presumptive nominee in a tweet, adding that the party should shift focus to defeating Hillary Clinton.

But the development drew a significant backlash from some in the party who took to social media to air their frustration and eliminate ties with the GOP -- by burning their voter registration cards.

Other Republicans decided to burn ties in a dramatic way by changing their party affiliation online and then tweeting the image.

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Despite the frustration of these now former Republicans the fact remains that Trump boasts a heavy lead over his only Republican rival Gov. John Kasich, with 1,047 delegates compared to Kasich's 153 after the Indiana primary.

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