Photo of mama goose attacking a little girl goes viral

Goose chick drops several metres to rejoin parents
Goose chick drops several metres to rejoin parents

A curious little girl in Texas went to see some baby goslings in her neighborhood, but apparently got a little too close for their mother's liking.

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The mama goose chased 5-year-old Summer Gidden down and ripped into her hair with its beak.

Luckily, a neighbor was on hand to rescue Summer, but not before another neighbor snapped a few photos of the attack, according to Buzzfeed.

While the incident seemed a bit horrifying, Summer's 17-year-old sister Stevie
couldn't help but laugh.

Stevie posted a few hilarious snaps on Twitter that immediately went viral.

And if you're feeling a bit guilty about laughing at Summer's blunder don't worry she's OK, according to Stevie.

"She's good now, probably won't go near birds for a long time, but she's good," Stevie told Buzzfeed. "She thinks her post going [viral] on the internet is funny, and that's the only thing she's talked about today."

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