Mother's Day-inspired ads pop up all over NYC to remind us why moms are the best

When it comes to serving up the sass, no one does it better than ma.

Capitalizing on this, a Manhattan-based creative agency has set out to give New Yorkers a little piece of home, placing advice-laden ads throughout the city -- a place, they claim, "is in need of some old fashioned mothering."

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The agency's name? Mother New York, appropriately, who commissioned the quotes by asking 150 moms what they wanted the most for the upcoming holiday.

Placed everywhere from billboards to street corners, the ads have impeccable words of wisdom like, "Be the sort of individual your courting profile guarantees" and, "Follow your dreams, just not the kind you had in puberty."

In an interview with Adweek, Mother N.Y. co-founder Paul Malmstrom said, "There is a lot of talk about influencers these days, and I think our most influential people are the mothers, and our mothers. We wanted to have them give us an influential voice."

Check out more of the witty street art below

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