Mets OF Curtis Granderson speaks out against bullying

MLB, MasterPieces Puzzle Company and Oyo Give Toys to Kids in Need
MLB, MasterPieces Puzzle Company and Oyo Give Toys to Kids in Need

Curtis Granderson opened a new YouTube channel earlier this baseball season, and the way he's using it couldn't be any more inspiring.

Two weeks ago, a clip was uploaded to the outfielder's channel in honor of Jackie Robinson Day. On Wednesday, two more videos were posted -- both centering around the topic of bullying.

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In one video, Granderson details how young people can deal with bullying and people that aren't supportive of them. Reddit user Metlover shared the video in a post to /r/NewYorkMets.

"There's gonna be people that don't like you, plain and simple, and there's gonna be people that do like you. That's the thing that we have to focus on," he says in the video. "Who's in your corner? Who loves you, who likes you, who do you like, and beyond? Those are the people that we need to continue to surround ourselves with -- and care about what they think."

He explains how dealing with bullying is much harder now than in the past, with technology and social media playing a part.

He also uploaded a second video, explaining where his former bullies are today. He recalls a conversation with his grandmother, in which she explained how she also dealt with similar bullying when she was younger.

"The challenges that youth are facing today aren't new -- they're different, but they aren't new," Granderson says. "And trying to find ways -- talking to people that may have been in a situation you've been in in the past can definitely help."

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